5 Pretty Pink Houseplants

These easy-care houseplants promise to promise to bring rosiness to your life

Who doesn’t love the colour pink? There are a few outstanding plants almost too pretty to be true, and they will not cost you an arm and a leg like a Philodendron Pink Princess. Easy to care for, they are the perfect touch to add a pop of color to any room in your home.

Aglaonema Pink Lady

Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, not only is this plant pretty but it actually helps to purify air because of its natural ability to remove benzene and formaldehyde from air sources.

Fittonia Albivenis

Also known as the nerve plant, this pretty medium-light grower has small but deeply veined leaves. Often either white or pink, each leaf resembles a mosaic or stained-glass window.

Calathea Ornata

The tops of the glossy green large leaves of this plant, which grow at the end of long stems, boast bright pink stripes, while the undersides of the leaves are a pretty maroon hue.

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Hypoestes Phyllostachya

This plant, which is known for its unusual dotted foliage, grows best in indirect low-light settings. It’s easy to grow and looks pretty in any indoor space.

Tradescantia Tricolour

This plant is perfect for displaying in a hanging basket. Its beautiful pink and green leaves grow best in bright indirect light and high humidity.