IG: Janice

Plant count: 90ish

Favourite plant: Philodendron Sodiroi

Dream / Wishlist plant: Philodendron Patriciae

First plant that kicked off your collection: Not my first plant, but definitely the one that got me hooked on collecting plants was the Anthurium Clarinervium. It was somewhat easy yet exotically beautiful!

How has your plant hobby changed your life?: It has taught me to be content. That even if I have been lusting over a new plant, it doesn’t mean that getting it will make me happier.
REVIEW: “Plantonic is the only pesticide/fertiliser that I will openly spray in my house since it’s organic and completely safe for my daughter. Also I have to admit that I sometimes mist my little indoor jungle just cos it makes my house smell good. A decadent treat for my plants and me!