“Plantonic is easy to use and doesn’t hurt my plants or burn their leaves. I can see my plants are growing healthier, stronger, and faster than before. So much so that I think I am giving them too much Plantonic!”


“I think that Plantonic is a powerful product since it is plant-based and not harmful to people and pets. What more can one ask? Plus it not only fertilises the soil but also prevents plant-related diseases. I really notice the changes day by day and encourage plant parents to give it a try.”


“Plantonic is actually the first product that I purchased for my plants and I was very happy I picked it up amongst other brands available out there. It has not only boosted the growth rate of my plants but also kept those pesky pests away. The fact that it is organic and non-toxic also gives me peace of mind to spray on my indoor plants.


“Plantonic has been life changing! I can honestly feel my plant babies feeling happy ever since I began using the product.

Plantonic has helped my vegetables to show significant improvement and growth from a seed till a fully mature plant. They are growing faster and healthier like never before!”


“Two weeks in using Plantonic, I noticed the leaves of my plants looking more vibrant. Does it make sense to say I think my plants grew happier? I might be overdosing them a bit too much now though. I can’t help it, they look happy.”


“The first thing that made me want to try Plantonic is the fact that it’s organic. I cannot imagine feeding my plants something that is full of chemicals. Just like how we take care of what we put inside our bodies, I believe in the same for plants.


“Plantonic is the only pesticide/fertiliser that I will openly spray in my house since it’s organic and completely safe for my daughter. Also I have to admit that I sometimes mist my little indoor jungle just cos it makes my house smell good. A decadent treat for my plants and me!


“I was first introduced to Plantonic by one of my plant crazy yoga students and I liked that it smelled good and was in a bottle that sprayed well in that it didn’t get all over the floor.”


“Plantonic has helped revive my plants that were dying, and it gives them a lot of resistance to bugs. It helps that my wife likes the smell of it!”