IG: Alex

Plant count: At any one point in time I would tend to have more than 100 pots of plants at home, from small to large sizes

Favourite plant: My current favourites are Bird of Paradise and Monstera Deliciosa

Dream / Wishlist plant: I don’t really have a dream plant as I feel all plants have their own qualities. But if I have a bigger home with an outdoor space I would want to have a couple variegated banana plants (or Musa Ae Ae) as I love how beautiful the foliage is.

First plant that kicked off your collection:It was a plant given to me by my mentor at work; it was a small dumb cane in a recycled bottle that she made by hand. I was told that it was going to be my lucky plant. And indeed, together with effort put into the job, several promotions and milestones came my way ever since. Until today that small pot of dumb cane is still with me. 🙂

How has your plant hobby changed your life?: Plants are addictive. Ever since I had my first pot, I started giving away plants to family, friends, and colleagues. I don’t mean to save money by giving plants instead of expensive gifts, but I feel that a plant I have grown represents the heart and soul that I put into it.