Back to Nature

With the rapid industrialisation of the world we live in, we find ourselves invariably drawn back to nature, and increasingly interested in our surrounding ecosystem.

There are many reasons for this. The calmness and respite nature provides from the hustle and bustle of our world is soothing and comfortable to all. With the concrete jungle around us, nature is not always accessible. Which is why we find ourselves bringing a bit of nature into our homes.

More people are turning to houseplants as a means to inject greenery into their personal spaces from bedrooms to office cubicles. Taking care of plants isn’t always easy in an indoor environment with a variety of challenges faced, from insufficient light to insufficient nutrients.

Keeping It Green
Most houseplant parents naturally want to keep their plants in good shape, but lack the time to properly care for them and address their needs. From regular applications of fertilisers to pesticides, it can be a time consuming task. In addition, many of these solutions contain chemicals that can be harmful to one’s personal health.

Source of Inspiration
It was a visit to farms in Southeast Asia when we observed that farmers often were suffering from lesions and sores on their hands from being in contact with the chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides, in spite of using protective gear. It was disheartening to see, in particular knowing that these chemicals can also enter the food chain to devastating effect. It spurred us to endeavour to create something that is not only beneficial to plants and the environment as a whole, but also safe for use both to humans and animals.

A Solution for Busy Lifestyles
This is how Plantonic was born — to fill the gap in the market by creating a natural non-toxic solution that is all-in-one: fertiliser, pest-repellent, and revitaliser. It took many years of research and development by a team of dedicated alchemists to finally produce a tonic that checks all the boxes. Just as importantly, it also genuinely works, and is taking Singapore horticulture to the next level.

The product has been extensively tested on a variety of plants from fruiting trees to vegetables and ornamental foliage plants, making it suitable for organic farming and organic gardening. Notable effects can generally be observed within one month of regular use, and these include visibly greener leaves, robust plant growth, and quicker fruiting of trees. The plants’ internal health and the surrounding soil are also intrinsically conditioned and revitalised.