Month: August 2020


“Plantonic has helped keep my plants pest-free so they can focus on new growth. It is hassle-free as I don’t worry about dosages and mixing different products. And it provides me peace of mind knowing that it is non-toxic and won’t cause shock or cause fertiliser burns to my plants.”


“I absolutely love Plantonic. It has helped invigorate some of my plants that were at the brink of death. My Piper that was hit by two bouts of spider mites and lost all its leaves has come back to life!”


“I’ve been really happy using Plantonic for my plants. My plants are growing and thriving well!”


“My plant addiction has led to me getting many plants. Using Plantonic has been an easy way to keep these green babies green, lush and healthy.”


“I love my flowers and plants very much, but I have been busy looking after my grandson. Using Plantonic has helped me worry less about them. I feel that Plantonic is like my right-hand man.”

Santos & Zen

“We enjoy using Plantonic as it safely revitalises our plants, encourages new leaf and root growth, and keeps pesky pests away. And the bonus is that it smells good!”


“Plants have been my stress reliever, and since my room became an indoor jungle I needed help to keep my plants healthy and insect-free. Plantonic doesn’t have any chemical smell at all! It gave my plants new life as they started to have new leaves after being inactive for a while.”


“My plants are doing great! The leaves are greener and I know they are just happy plants.”


“Plantonic helps keep my plants green and encourages new foliage growth. I like that it smells pleasant too.”